By Gerry Peters

Mike Buck is without a doubt, Hawaii’s Dean of Talk Radio. For more than 55 years, he is the only one in the entire media who has interviewed on air, every Hawaii Governor and hundreds of our many dignitaries in government at all levels, as well as people of the military, charities, entertainers, sports figures, deep sea fishing experts, civil defense and first responders. He still does some national radio show political hosting, is emcee for many events, and on and on.

Mike Buck is a true legend and one of Hawaii’s most precious assets.

So there I was 12 years ago, me, only a blue collar, small specialty construction company proprietor; sitting at the conference table with Mr. Buck.

He said, “Gerry, I want to start a new, end-of-my-onair work week, one hour, live call-in, email-in program called Fix It Fridays on The Mike Buck Show.

The home improvement, repair, remodeling and construction industry is blossoming on TV. I know Hawaii needs this, including call-in, email-in, questions, answers, news (and) trends.”


He continued, in essence, “Gerry you have a big mouth, like to talk on my call-in show, have done segments on many TV specials regarding hurricane preparation and how to protect existing, even old single wall houses, and at the legislature regarding the hurricane fund.

And, yes, I think you have a decent personality, good voice, and the perfect face for radio. How would you like to be my new show content researcher, and on air co-host?” he added.

“It’s not a paid job. It’s not meant to be a commercial/ infomercial program for just your company either,” Buck concluded. “Its intent is to provide my audience with worthwhile A to Z information, whether it be DIY, complete renovation, houses, condos. I will give you two months to prepare and five days to tell me yes or no.”

I told him, probably, but need to talk it over with family, friends, and associates. So when my sons in two different high schools said, “Dad, face it, you are middle aged and this is no time to start something like that.”

“Really? What else?” I asked.


“Well, don’t take this too personally, but besides your age, you are probably going to embarrass us,” they answered.

Well, to all you parents and grandparents, that’s all it takes, right? So 12 years and nearly 600 shows later you can tune in Friday mornings, 8-9 a.m. on Salem Network’s KHNR, AM 690 and make a comment or ask a question, or send Mike an email during or before the show to

And, of course, you can call me at 847-4400 — which gives you my cell number if it is urgent or time sensitive — or send me an email by visiting our websites: or

We mostly do tub to shower conversions now, but stay tuned because hurricane season is nearly upon us!

Gerry Peters is HPS President/General Manager.

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