Summer months are often filled with long, sunny days, but June 1 also marks the official start of hurricane season, which typically runs through November. During this storm season, Oahu is more susceptible to hurricane threats and warnings.

Windows Hawaii customers can rest assured that their houses will be well protected. While the summer season is a busy one for Windows Hawaii, due to many summer projects and renovations, company general manager Mario Garcia encouraged customers to plan ahead for the storm season as well.

“Customers can call us for more information about our Storm Package, our most popular package,” he said. “We do many installations for this during the summer, but our Storm Package is available all year round at an additional charge.”


During a hurricane, extreme winds and storm surges can easily damage island homes. It’s common for debris to break windows and doors. However, Windows Hawaii customers can have peace of mind that their windows are built to last for the long haul, since the windows feature high-quality materials.

“The Storm Package features 3/16-inch thick glass (triple-strength glass) as part of the integrated glass unit, or IGU,” Garcia added. “Due to popular demand, we brought the Storm Package back, free of charge when customers purchase eight or more windows. Potential savings depend on the number of windows purchased.”

Individuals can take practical steps to ensure their homes stay well protected in the event of any hurricane. Garcia suggested that individuals:

• Become aware of their homes’ history — evaluate any potential weak areas.


• Learn how to properly maintain their homes — be cautious of termites and rotting wood.

• Strengthen their homes’ security — make sure the foundation is secure.

It is especially important for customers to protect the “envelope” of their homes — their windows and sliding doors — from harsh winds and rain. This is where Windows Hawaii comes in. Garcia proudly stated that all products at Windows Hawaii are known for their durability. He specifically noted the popularity of the Alii Extreme windows and doors by Anlin Windows Systems, a quality windows manufacturer. Anlin creates windows that are engineered with Hawaiian homes in mind; thus, customers with these windows know their houses are well equipped to withstand humid conditions and tropical weather hazards.

“The best time to prepare your home for hurricane season is now,” Garcia emphasized. “Windows Hawaii is here to help — give us a call for a free consultation.”

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