Windows Hawaii is well known for its high-quality windows and sliding doors. But, summer projects and home renovations go beyond just windows.

When it comes to quality siding for your home, Windows Hawaii provides a solid array of options. The company’s team of professional installers works with premiere brands you can trust.

Windows Hawaii provides Celect® Cellular Composite Siding by Royal®, which is superior to regular fiber cement siding. Celect is essential for the following reasons:

• Boosts appearance


You never have to worry about unsightly caulking, gaps, buckling or wavy lines. Celect siding features patented inter-locking joints that result in a seamless appearance, while helping to keep walls straight and smooth. Fiber cement siding often features visible nail heads, as well as unattractive seams with caulk lines.

• Easy to install

Installation is a cinch when you choose Celect. You don’t need any special equipment; only standard woodworking tools are required. The interlocking joints make Celect easier and faster to install than most products. Celect’s gravity lock feature, in particular, keeps individual courses straight and reduces installation time. Celect siding can also be installed to grade, unlike fiber cement siding, which may require initial painting and a variety of panel widths.

• Maintenance-free

You never have to worry about inclement weather when you choose Celect. Celect’s high impact-resistance finish is built to handle the heat, cold and anything in between. Celect siding also comes with a 25-year warranty on coating, so you don’t have to worry about unsightly scratches and nicks. If any mildew, mold or dirt does get on your siding, don’t stress — Celect products can easily be cleaned with a garden hose.

Exterior siding replacement provides a great opportunity to give your home a new look while increasing its overall value and performance. Call Windows Hawaii for a free estimate. Customers who purchase Celect products can enjoy a 35 percent introductory offer for this month.

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