These days, garages do more than just house cars. They serve many purposes: storage, man-cave, recreation or exercise room. Finishing the floors will improve the look and function of your garage. Choose a customized high performance polyurethane coating to protect your floor from staining and damage. These coatings are durable, long lasting and easy to clean, helping to reduce the amount of dirt, dust and grease that enters your home.

Important factors in determining the durability and longevity of garage coatings is the concrete prep and priming. Diamond grinding is a preferred method, as it will profile the surface, opening up the pores so that the epoxy primer can bond to the concrete. The primer provides a moisture barrier, reducing the possibility of delamination of the coating due to moisture from the slab. It also allows for a strong bond to the coating and covers imperfections in the floor.


Once the concrete is properly prepped and primed, it is ready for the coating. Aliphatic polyurethane coatings are the best choice for garages. They have greater flexibility than epoxy coatings, allowing them to absorb impacts better. They are also more scratch, abrasion and chemical resistant than epoxies. Polyurethane coatings are UV stable, so they will not amber like epoxies do with exposure to sunlight.

Polyurethane coatings provide a solid color and matte to glossy finish. They come in basic colors but can be custom-tinted as well. You can also add color flakes that are available in a variety of sizes and color combinations. Whether you desire a neutral palette or want to represent your favorite sports team, you can achieve the look you want with color flakes. They will also add some texture to your flooring.

A typical installation will take three days. The coating will require five days to cure before parking your car on it.


Maintenance will be so much easier with a polyurethane coating. Dust and mop weekly to keep the floor clean. Spot clean with a cloth and floor cleaner and damp mop with a neutral pH cleaner when needed. Don’t use acidic cleaners, as they will dull the finish. Also, avoid soapy cleaners that will leave streaks and a film on the surface that make it slippery when wet.

Polyurethane garage coatings will provide a great return on investment: Industrial strength, long lasting and attractive floors that are easy to clean. Call Concrete Surface Designs for more information or for a free estimate, or visit the company’s website to see photos of its work.

The company also offers concrete polishing for garage floors, residences and commercial spaces. The concrete polishing process refines the surface of the concrete until it is smooth and glossy. The concrete is also densified to produce a hardened surface that resists staining. It is a versatile, eye-catching and extremely durable flooring solution.


Concrete Surface Designs also specializes in concrete surface prep — removal of existing flooring, concrete grinding and patching. It is a locally owned and family run business.

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