Grays, browns, taupes — after decades of neutral-colored shingles dominating entire neighborhoods, homeowners are turning to the dark side. Home improvement experts agree black roofs are making a comeback, offering a sleek alternative that boosts curb appeal and enhances design elements.

Decades ago black was the traditional color for asphalt roofs. Homeowners, seeking to mimic the look of expensive wood shake shingles, started to opt for brown and gray composite shingles. Black shingles began to fall out of popularity.

But today, homeowners are looking to stand out rather than fit in. A black roof breaks up the sea of sameness of entire city blocks in neutral roofing colors.


“People today want their homes to be one of a kind,” said sales territory manager for Tamko Building Products, Brian Borgard. “They want something bold, something to differentiate their homes from their neighbors’.”

In fact, in 2016 Tamko’s black-colored Heritage Laminated Asphalt Shingles were the most popular next to Tamko’s Weathered Wood. This year, Borgard said it’s possible black could eventually overtake the top spot as many contractors are switching all their shingle orders from brown to black.

Roofing contractor John Cotten can testify to the trend in his own business.

“I’ve seen a definite increase in the demand for black roofing,” said Cotten, owner of John Cotten Roofing in Joplin, Missouri, a Tamko Pro Certified Contractor. “I think homeowners are tired of seeing the same shingles on all of the houses in their neighborhoods — they’re ready for a change.”


So, why are so many homeowners opting for black shingles? These four reasons prove it’s a trend that won’t be fading anytime soon:

• Black is modern: A younger generation of homeowners wants a modern home profile. The natural wood-shake aesthetic is often perceived as too traditional or old fashioned.

• Black matches everything: Unless the exterior of your house is navy blue or dark brown, a black roof will match and enhance the facade.

• Black highlights: Rather than hiding or overpowering the features of your home, black tends to highlight architectural features and makes other colors appear brighter.


• Black stands out: In a neighborhood of neutrals, black is sure to draw the eye of potential homebuyers or passersby.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.