Most homeowners are aware that if they are re-roofing, they should get three estimates to review. Here are a few other important items to ask your roofing contractor:

• Are you licensed and carry worker’s compensation insurance?

• Do you subcontract out any of your labor?

• About how many installers will be working on my roof?


• Do you have your own dump trucks or do you use roll off bins?

• How long do you anticipate the project to take? When can you start?

• Do you do carpentry in house? What is the labor rate?

• Are you a certified roof inspector?

Other things to consider

Did your estimator come to the appointment on time and was it easy to make an appointment? Were you provided details about your project and given roofing options? Were you asked about your needs (budget) and future plans?


United Roofing and Raingutters is fully licensed and does not subcontract the installations; the typical crew size is six installers (less for coating jobs). It has its own dump trucks. United Roofing’s typical lead-time to do a roofing project is approximately one month. The company is able to do its carpentry in house, eliminating unnecessary project delays.

Do you have wind damage to your roof?

If you call United Roofing for an estimate, you can rest assured that you will be dealing with a Haag Certified Residential Roofing Inspector. The company is certified to inspect your roof and can also assist you in submitting your insurance claim with your agent.

If you suspect that your roof has wind damage, you should contact your agent to avoid additional damages that may not be covered in your policy. An adjuster will typically do a site visit to document the damages to process your claim. The amount of your claim will depend on your policy coverage, the age of the roof and determination of the cause of the damage by the adjuster. Typically, you will be advised to get reroofing estimates.

United Roofing & Raingutters does not do unsolicited “canvassing” in neighborhoods regarding insurance claims, but will assist you in any way to maximize your claim in a fair and honest way.

For a free, no pressure estimate, call 428-7947. United Roofing and Raingutters is known for quality and remembered for service.

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