“Summer and Fall in Hawaii get unbearably hot and humid and many of our customers prefer the coolness that only air conditioning can provide,” said RevoluSun Smart Home Chief Innovation Officer, Eric Carlson. “Unfortunately, for many homeowners, air conditioning can double the electricity bill, so we sought out the highest-quality, reliable and energy-efficient air conditioning system on the market and formed an elite installation crew with more than 30 years of combined A/C experience.”

Smart Home Air Conditioning

RevoluSun Smart Home is Hawaii’s premier solar and Smart Home solutions provider. The company recently launched its Smart Home Air Conditioning services, offering purchase and installation of Mitsubishi single and multi-zone systems, just in time to cool off this summer.


“Mitsubishi single and multi-zone A/C systems are ultra energy efficient, adjusting to temperature changes caused by sun and shade to deliver ideal comfort and minimize energy use,” Carlson added. “The system’s zoning capabilities allow you to cool rooms used the most and turn off or set back the temperature in rooms not in use.”

Cooling off, paying less

Central air conditioning uses a one-size-fits-all approach to cooling, often wasting electricity cooling empty rooms. Mitsubishi creates multiple zones, which allows you to cool each room to its optimal temperature. Unoccupied rooms can be kept at a warmer temperature. These zones allow you to conserve energy and save money.

For a single room, a Mitsubishi split A/C system is much more efficient than a window unit. Window units start and stop to stay within a range of temperatures. This range is often wide, causing a room to fluctuate between being either too warm or too cold, and when compressors abruptly switch between running at full bore and turning off, energy is wasted.


“The Mitsubishi systems keep the compressor running at a more consistent level — kind of like cruise control on your car — so they don’t have to work very hard to maintain an ideal temperature,” explained Carlson. “It’s so efficient, we actually recommend keeping your A/C on whenever you’re home because it takes less energy to run it than to cool and dehumidify a room from scratch.”


• Mitsubishi single and multi-zone A/C systems are up to 35 percent more efficient than window units and up to 40 percent more efficient than central air conditioning.

• All Mitsubishi systems are whisper quiet, especially compared to loud window unit A/C systems.


• Installation is fast and easy. RevoluSun has units in stock and can get you up and running within two weeks of your initial call.

• Schedule an appointment by May 30 and receive up to $500 off an A/C system.


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