Power outages during a storm and grid failure are inevitable, but with a home battery system you will never have to suffer through them again. Unlike gasoline-powered backup generators, which constantly require fuel and ongoing maintenance, a home battery system operates automatically in the background, silently protecting your critical loads and your family.

Not a mainland company, Hawaii Energy Connection, known by its household name, KumuKit™, has already been installing its KumuKit™ PV systems with battery storage here in the state. Actually, Hawaii Energy Connection is the pioneer of the first utility-approved, A/C-coupled PV plus battery storage system in Hawaii.


The company calls its battery storage system the KumuKit Powerblocks™ because of its modular design, and Hawaii Energy Connection allows for easy upgrade and incremental expansion to match your needs and your PV production. It is also designed to be simple, monitored and controlled by you, using your power, your way.

Hawaii Energy Connection has surpassed the big mainland companies with its A/C-coupled PV plus battery storage system. Many people are still waiting on their “promised” battery storage systems which they have placed deposits on. Why not get the proven KumuKit Powerblocks™ battery system that is already available and start saving on your electricity right away. The company’s great financing options make it easy to own.

Another great feature of the innovative Power-blocks™ PV storage system is that it connects to new and existing PV systems, and works together with your solar panels and household electrical devices to create a complete home energy management system. When power outages occur, the company’s onboard software reroutes power to critical items that are important to your family in times of emergency such as, lighting, medical equipment, refrigerators, and television and radio to keep them going without missing a beat.


Take charge of the solar power you generate. Make your home a powerhouse with a KumuKit™ PV system with battery storage. They are always “right-sized” to your family’s needs, so you will never buy more than you really need or waste the power you generate. And, when purchased alongside a new PV system, it is eligible for the same great state and federal tax incentives. Now is the perfect time while they are still available.

The company just celebrated its 10th anniversary last month as Hawaii’s leading sustainable energy solutions provider, serving more than 7,000 residential and commercial customers. Hawaii Energy Connection has surpassed more than two gigawatts of solar energy being produced by its KumuKit™ solar electricity and solar hot water systems.

“Kumu” — honoring the Hawaiian word for origin, source, beginning and starting point — a KumuKit™ is a starting point for you to begin harnessing the sun, our most powerful source, and to realize a more sustainable future for Hawaii.

contact // 524-7336
address // 99-1350 Koaha Place
web // kumukit.com