New Guidelines for design and construction of ADU (Accessory Dwelling Units) will be covered in Homeworks Construction’s free April seminar at the Homeworks Showroom. Project coordinator Kim Green will review the latest information with attendees as well as new designs for ADU units by the Homeworks architects.

“We have been working with many clients on ADUs since the program was announced and have several projects underway,” Green said. “Now that some requirements have been relaxed, we are going forward with projects that were previously on hold. Some of the issues have been wastewater and parking.


“Up to now one parking space was required on the homeowner’s property, but now proximity to a bus stop is being considered as a qualifier. Street width requirements are also being relaxed. So, we urge property owners who may have thought they could not qualify for an ADU to attend this seminar, and we will address their concerns.”

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Green noted that Homeworks has created new designs and floor plans for ADUs ranging from 400 square feet to 800 square feet, one and two story floor plans for both attached and detached models, and can also provide custom floor plans. “Our procedure is to meet with the homeowner at the property, so we can assess what can be built there, taking into consideration property size and configuration. There is no charge for this assessment. However, a good way to start the process is to attend our free seminar, where information on financing ADUs is also provided, including the three main ways a property owner can finance an ADU: a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC, or second mortgage, the lowest cost option), a new first mortgage to pull out cash for construction, or a construction loan that will convert to a fixed-rate loan upon completion of the ADU.

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