When buying vinyl windows in Hawaii, be akamai. Being local in Hawaii is a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that locals are a good, trusting and honest bunch. However, not all window and siding companies or window salesmen are good, honest and trustworthy. In other words, some window companies think locals are gullible and not really all that smart. On the contrary, locals are just about the best people in the world and want to trust everyone the same and give them a chance in life and in business. So if you are going to buy akamai, here are a few tips.

All salesmen are nice — they have to be since their living depends on it. Nice is great, but check out what they represent, and check out their track record and company they represent.

Are they licensed? Are they insured? Are they bonded? These are basics. How long have they been in business? How long have they been in business in Hawaii? How long do they plan to stay in Hawaii?



These are all good questions. Any job more than $1,000 in Hawaii requires a Hawaii contractor’s license. This license cannot be loaned or borrowed and we are not talking a business license, either. If the company is licensed in Hawaii, that company will automatically have to have insurance and most likely be bonded.

Even if the company is licensed, many companies misrepresent themselves. Be akamai and do your due diligence. Many people and companies misrepresent themselves for financial gain.

Homeowners, if you really want to be akamai, call Matt and Mike Houar at Tropical. Tropical is the oldest company in Hawaii in the vinyl window and vinyl siding business. In our family, “vinyl is fi nal,” and if you remember that, then you will know that Tropical is the only locally owned vinyl window and vinyl siding company in Hawaii. Tropical has been serving Hawaii for more than 30 years with more than 10,000 local customers, and more than 150,000 windows, and miles and miles of vinyl siding installed.

Visit the showroom at 1352 S. Beretania St., and see all the best and latest vinyl window and vinyl siding products for Hawaii. The showroom is open Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m., and Saturday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Remember, be akamai and buy local.

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