Most of us are used to recycling at home, but specifically in the bathroom? Not so much. However, your bathroom is home to a number of recyclable products. A recent survey done on behalf of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. found 60 percent of moms wish they remembered to recycle more.

The more you know about what’s recyclable, the easier it is to incorporate it into your daily routine. So, this Earth Day — and every day — care for the planet the way you care for your family by following these simple and creative ways to recycle and reuse your empty bathroom products.

Get a bathroom recycling bin.


Sixty percent of moms report they would be more likely to recycle bathroom products if they had a recycling bin in the room. Starting April 9, head to to learn how to get a bathroom recycling bin with qualifying purchase from Care To Recycle, a program of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. that provides fun tips and tools to increase recycling of personal care products.

Make your own recycling bin.

A majority of moms (75 percent) believe that showing their kids how to place recyclable products in the appropriate bin is a teachable moment — and there’s no reason why teachable moments can’t be d├ęcor-friendly! There are plenty of quick and easy DIY hacks, from using a wicker basket to decorating a plain trash bin with wrapping paper that matches your taste.

Involve your kids.

Seventy-four percent of moms agree that involving their kids in their to-do lists helps them get more done, and 61 percent would be more likely to recycle if their kids helped out. You can start by creating a recycling chart that rewards kids with fun, earth-friendly prizes like camping or picnics.

Get crafty.


For items that can’t be recycled, instead of tossing them, why not remake them into something special? The Care To Recycle Pinterest page has fun and beautiful upcycling projects, like creating luminaries out of moisturizer jars, vases out of makeup remover bottles, and much more!

Create friendly reminders.

Two out of three moms admit to taking on too much during the day, and 80 percent report that forgetting tasks is a normal part of being a busy parent. Try leaving a framed note on your bathroom counter, or task your kids with composing a creative poem to help remind everyone to recycle every day!

By following these steps, you’ll be on your way to making bathroom recycling part of your family’s daily routine — and helping to raise the next generation of recyclers.


The survey, commissioned by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., was conducted online using the services of ORC International in Winter 2016/2017 among a representative sample of American moms with children 17 and under (n=1,001), referred to as “American moms” or “moms.”

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.