My husband and I keep a large cardboard box in an unused corner of the house. We will occasionally place items inside to donate once the box is full.

Recently, I noticed a paper towel holder in the box. Even though it was extra and sitting in a closet unused, I had trouble parting with it. I immediately thought of many ways we could put it to use again — none of which involved paper towels.

Store tape. In my house, we use painter’s tape nearly every day (mostly for labeling dates on perishable food in the refrigerator). We also use duct tape, Scotch tape, and washi tape regularly. Storing them all on a paper towel roll will keep them together and make them easy to access.

Make your trash easy. My trash bags always seem to get in the way underneath my sink. The boxes take up room, too, and when I store them out of the box, they roll all over the place. Instead, mount a paper towel holder to the inside of the cabinet. Then, use it to hold the roll of bags.

Create a station. Add some S-hooks and small buckets to a horizontally mounted bar. Place like items in the buckets to create stations. Place batteries, nails and markers in buckets in your garage, or markers, measuring tape and sewing needles in your craft room. Use paper clips, push pins and other odds and ends in your home office.

Serve food with holes. This is more of a home entertainment solution: If you are running short on space and hosting brunch, stack your donuts and bagels on a paper towel holder instead. It will save you table space and also make for a great focal point.

Organize hard-to-organize clothing items. Belts, scarves, and even ties can wrap around the paper towel holder. Stack your hats on top. You can also use them for bracelets and necklaces. This will keep your items tidy and prevent them from falling to the floor and out of view in your closet.

Make a mini closet. Mount a horizontal paper towel bar above your dryer. Add some hangers and use the space for hanging items to dry.

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