QUESTION OF THE WEEK: I procrastinate when it comes to things I know I should be doing — like keeping my house in better order and clearing out more of my clutter. My problem is that I know it’s good to do those things, but I just don’t do them. I waste so much time. What is your advice?

Like you, most people see procrastination as a negative experience, but I think it can be positive.

What are you doing while you are procrastinating?


We procrastinate mainly because we are not inspired by the things we think we should be doing. Instead of honoring the reason for our procrastination, we feel guilty about it. But what if what we are doing is something that we need or will serve us in the long run?

Is it what you really want to do?

We usually procrastinate when we think what we “should” be doing is not truly in line with our interests or values.

Have you noticed that you always find the time, money and energy to do the things you really want to do? When we are inspired, no one has to tell us to do anything. In your case, “decluttering” your house may not be that important to you.

Develop a new perspective


Rather than feeling guilty about procrastinating, develop the perspective that procrastination may not be such a bad thing after all. You may think your procrastination is leading you astray when, it may be showing you the way.

We all have things that “have to” get done, and although we may procrastinate until the last minute, we tend to still get them done. See your desire to procrastinate as an opportunity to hone some latent skill, even if it’s daydreaming, or watching TV. Maybe you just need to relax!

Make an effort to do what you love

Let go of judgments about what you are not doing, and use procrastination as a way to notice what inspires you or what you need. Put greater focus on what you are doing, and know that you will clear your clutter and put your house in greater order when the time is right — like when a national publication asks if they can feature your home in their next issue. If you agree, I’m certain your procrastination will turn into motivation to get your home orderly and clutter-free in an instant.


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