By Bud Shasteen

The oldest vinyl siding-protected home in Hawaii is 56 years old. I installed the vinyl siding to this home back then and it looks as good today as it did when it was first installed. Remember, “Vinyl is Final.”

In all these years the homeowner never had to paint. Imagine what his neighbors thought when they repainted year after year. Many of them soon sided their homes when they realized how maintenance-free vinyl siding truly is. Vinyl siding is beautiful but this is the least important thing about it. The most important thing is the protection it provides to our wood exteriors, keeping them dry and less susceptible to wood rot and termite invasion. It makes sense to protect your home, which if you’re like most people, is your largest investment.



Fifty-six years ago, the only exterior painting was to windows after installing vinyl siding. We didn’t have vinyl windows then but now Tropical offers the best vinyl windows on the market — they researched them. So now all exterior maintenance is virtually eliminated. But no matter how good the product — and Tropical represents only the best — just as important is the skill of the workmen doing the work. Tropical provides the most skilled factory-trained applicators to ensure a perfect job every time.


Owner s of Tropical Wholesale, Matt and Mike Houar,invite you to visit the complete showroom at 1351 S. Beretania St. where you can see all the different styles of vinyl siding (vertical, horizontal, shake, and brick and stone siding), vinyl windows and patio doors (awnings, casements, sliders, and double and single hung windows). There are 15 to 20 different colors available to design your home perfectly.

Tropical is a bonded and insured general contractor serving Hawaii for over 30 years. Plus, we are the oldest, only locally-owned and operated contractor specializing in vinyl windows and siding contracting, making it the way to go. Visit Tropical’s impressive showroom or call 593-2000 for a free estimate, recommendations and advice as to which units best suits your needs. Remember, to buy local, and “Vinyl is Final.”



This article was written by original owner of Tropical Wholesale, Bud Shasteen, the first person to bring vinyl siding products to Hawaii in 1961. Shasteen made “Vinyl is Final” a popular Hawaii trademark and will forever be remembered in Hawaii.

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