For those who are thinking about building or renovating their home, replacing their old thermal solar water heating system, or those who have not yet adopted to solar water heating, consider the KumuKit™Solar Water Heating System. KumuKit™ has the next-generation technology in solar hot water and the concept is quite simple. Regular solar PV panels take the sun’s natural energy to power the hot water tank, instead of depending on the utility’s grid power, cutting costs and creating a reliable source for hot water in your household. If you are currently in an over-saturated grid area or unable to get PV installed at this time, this may be the option to get you started with solar and to start saving money right away.

KumuKit’s hybrid solar water heating system uses advanced micro-grid technology, as well as utility power and conventional tank-style storage to reduce energy costs and save the average Hawaii family hundreds of dollars per year.

What’s the big deal?


Solar water heating systems have been around for decades in Hawaii, but this system is better. Why? The cost of a KumuKit™ hybrid solar water heating system is comparable to traditional solar thermal water heating systems, except:


• They are cleaner, more reliable and virtually worry-free. No pipes, pumps or other moving parts with this system, unlike required in thermal solar water heating systems which must pump water from the tank to the roof for heating.

• Solar PV panels are used instead of the large, bulky and heavy coil-heating thermal panels, delivering solar electricity directly to the hot water tank and providing a much simpler process for heating water.


• It’s a grid-wise solar hybrid system that harnesses energy using approximately four to six solar PV panels, transfers power to a micro-grid to heat water in a specially designed tank, and uses utility power only as a system back-up.

• This system is grid-safe, so it can be installed quickly, without the need for approvals, studies or utility infrastructure upgrades — even if you live in a grid-saturated area. That’s the beauty of this new breakthrough system. It’s like having your own personal electric grid. Even when the utility grid goes down, your personal micro-grid continues to produce electricity, so if the electricity goes out during a storm, you can still take a hot shower.

You’ve got the power!

Grid-wise hybrid systems are my-grid solar solutions — the independence of off-grid with reliable grid-tied power.


The average Hawaii family of four uses approximately 40 percent of their electrical energy to heat water. One of the easiest and best ways to cut your family’s utility bill is to replace your dated, conventional water heater with a KumuKit™ Hybrid Solar Water Heating System, or pair it with a KumuKit™ PV Solar Electricity System.

With the combined 35 percent state and 30 percent federal tax credits, along with incredible financing options available, the KumuKit™ Hybrid Solar Water Heating System is a very affordable way to get started with PV today. Call KumuKit™ at 524-7336. In-home estimates are free and completely obligation- and hassle-free.

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