Hawaii residents love to be outside. How would you like to add a new living room to your house? It might be easier than you think.

Many homes have unused spaces outside. Uncovered, patio furniture gets dirty and fabrics fade. Everything that’s not meant to get wet must be removed any time you leave.


The solution is to add a patio-cover and enjoy outdoor living anytime, rain or shine.

There are many ways to go about it. Retractable awnings protect against the sun, but they don’t do very well in the rain. A regular wood structure will cut off the light, and make the adjacent rooms very dark.


But there is one option that can do it all. With a Japanese patio cover, you can furnish your new living room however you like, pillows and all. Your belongings will be protected from the elements 24/7, and the inside of your house stays bright, because while cutting the heat, the roof panels will still let in the light.


A Japanese patio cover is made of corrosion resistant aluminum metal to stand up to wind and rain. The roof panels are made of Polycarbonate (Lexan) — a high-tech material that has many uses, from airplane windows to eyeglasses. Most importantly, these covers have been developed in Japan for more than 40 years, have no equal when it comes to engineering and quality standards. Shop-drawings, detailed instructions, structural calculations are all available for any unit.


Accept no substitutes

Recently a new company has started dumping inferior products from China into the Hawaiian market. Beware, it might look similar, but with no engineering these copycat products are a big risk. Only the genuine Japanese patio covers have been tested here in Hawaii, and can get a building permit. KunkelWorks has been importing patio covers directly from Japan for more than a decade, and has many happy customers to show for it. Check out the many patio covers installed here in Hawaii at

There are many choices in shapes, colors and sizes for any possible need. An awning is mounted to the house wall without the need of posts, to cover entrances or windows. Patio covers can project as much as 20 feet and can be as wide as needed. Bearing Beam Covers can cantilever over banisters, and have the advantage when “set-backs” (such as permit-regulations) are an issue. The roof panels can be clear, or tinted to reduce heat, or frosted for privacy. If needed, you can add matching side panels for sideways blowing wind or the late afternoon sun.


The website features also other aluminum outdoor products from Japan including carports, walk-way covers, and gates and fences. KunkelWorks can provide you with a free estimate for your very specific situation. Call 955-8211 today.

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