Now that Hawaii’s net metering incentives have disappeared, many homeowners are finding it makes more financial sense to store their extra energy and use it themselves. “Energy storage is truly the key to renewable energy from this point forward,” confirmed director of sales at Alternate Energy Inc. (AEI), Ross Kutsunai.

Now, thanks to breakthroughs in next generation battery storage technology available from AEI, Hawaii residents can invest in a storage system today that works for any home or business. Not only have technology, chemistry improvements and increased production driven battery costs down, but also the new batteries can be charged from Alternating Current (AC). So you can benefit from on site energy storage whether you already have a photovoltaic system in place, are planning to add PV in the future, or don’t plan to use PV at all.


Best of all, AEI’s new Home Energy Storage Solution (HESS) is the first system that can actually isolate your battery (and PV if you have it) from the electrical grid. This means homeowners have unlimited options, including the opportunity to become totally self-reliant in terms of their electricity needs.

Whether you want to save money by running your home at night from the power produced by your solar panels in the daytime, or simply enjoy peace of mind as we head into hurricane season knowing that you have a reliable back-up energy source, your investment in a HESS home battery storage system from AEI is a smart choice that will pay for itself in less than a decade.

In addition to leading home energy storage solutions, AEI is renowned for their “design-build” method, which includes an in-depth consultation, detailed field survey, design, engineering, scheduling, installation and post-installation service and maintenance. AEI specializes in top quality Mitsubishi solar PV and air conditioning systems, as well as solar water heating, EV charging and solar attic fans.


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