By Clinton Murakami

Home improvements, renovations and just general care can seem never-ending. One such project got my company, Murakami Rentals (part of Murakami Roofing LLC), started rather unintentionally.

A few years back, I needed to simply move some dirt from the front of my yard to the back of my home. As I looked at the initial “dig area” I repeatedly asked myself, “Do you really want to do this all by hand or use a machine like an excavator or skid loader?”



After the first few wheel-barrels of dir t, I quickly decided to not do it by hand. However, I knew that if I chose an excavator, I had to get the equipment through a 36-inch wide front gate. I began looking for a place to rent this type of machine and I couldn’t find what I really needed. So I inquired with local equipment dealers and wound up purchasing the required machines myself. As time went on, I started lending the machines out to contractors I knew, and eventually, this service took on a life of its own.

Today, Murakami Rentals has an inventory that consists of small skid loaders and track loaders that range from 36 inches to 42 inches wide, and excavators. The loaders are used mainly to move dirt, gravel and other types of material. We have also mini-excavators that are used to dig footings, trenches, swimming pools, as well as remove small trees. We carry attachments for some of our machines, like trenchers for installing pipes, jackhammers for breaking up concrete, backhoes for our skid loaders to dig footings, tillers to break ground, and various types of buckets. Bobcat, Komatsu, Toro, Hitachi and Caterpillar manufacture our machines.
Our customers range from large contractors who need a compact machine for demolition work inside buildings to homeowners who have small landscaping projects. Over the past years, homeowners have become more ready, willing and able to do their own renovation projects such as digging footings for concrete sidewalks, patios and swimming pools. Thus, saving themselves time, cost, and basically “doing it exactly how I want it.” The machines are fairly easy to operate and customers are encouraged to ask any questions or ask for help from our experienced staff.

The versatility of these machines is quite amazing. For their size, they are powerful. Our skid loaders are capable of moving a large pile of gravel in a matter of hours. The mini excavator can dig footings of a patio in one afternoon. The labor savings alone can pay for the rental of the machines.

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Clinton Murakami is the owner of Murakami Roofing.

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