Customer service is essential to locally owned, Windows Hawaii. Over the years, Windows Hawaii has been sought after by both, brand-new customers and repeat customers who are in the market for renovations or new windows. New customers often find Windows Hawaii through multiple avenues — from the company’s ads in the newspaper or after seeing the commercials on TV.

“I look at Hawaii Renovations a lot, and that’s how I found Windows Hawaii,” said customer Bess Tanabe. “Renovations are such a big investment, and I was a little worried because you hear about other people having problems. But, Mario was very patient, helpful and accommodating. He answered all my questions and made sure my experience with Windows Hawaii was a positive one.”



Other customers find Windows Hawaii after previous experiences with other window companies. Such was the case with Alan Kida.

“When I was working on my first house, I didn’t know about Windows Hawaii at that time, so I went with another window company that was closest to where I lived,” he said. “But when I did renovations in my new house, I wanted to put in all new windows. I’m glad I went with Windows Hawaii because when you look at the construction of the windows — especially the window frame — you can tell it’s very well made.”

“I spent a big amount of money, but to me, renovations are something you’re only going to do once,” Kida added. “That’s why I went with Windows Hawaii’s windows and I’ve been satisfi ed ever since. If I had to do it all over again, I’d still go with Windows Hawaii — I have no regrets.”



Customer Donna Campbell agreed and said that Windows Hawaii stands apart from other companies. She said the company doesn’t only provide superior products, but everything — from the sales to installation — is done with unparalleled professionalism.

“The installation of the windows was done fir st class,” Campbell confirmed. “The guys that came in were polite, cleaned up afterward and wanted to make sure we were happy. It wasn’t just the end product; it was the whole process that was enjoyable.”

These are just a few examples of the experience you’ll get if you contract Windows Hawaii for your windows project. For more information, give general manager Mario Garcia a call or visit the company’s website.

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