By Matthew Houar

The first construction vinyl products star ted in Hawaii just 56 years ago. Times were very different then. Waikiki was smaller, the drinking age in Hawaii was 18, Elvis was the boss, and I was only 4 years old. What a great time. Also, at that time the first vinyl product in Hawaii was vinyl siding.


That’s when the slogan, “Vinyl is final,” was introduced to Hawaii by Bud Shasteen. The first vinyl siding job ever installed in Hawaii was in Manoa, and it is still there today. Over the years, the neighbors and friends of these homeowners watched in awe because these homeowners were the only ones who didn’t have to paint or maintain their home any longer. Soon one neighbor, then two, then many more followed and installed vinyl siding because really, who wants to paint their home?

Today, the greatest thing is — in addition to vinyl siding — vinyl windows, which have been also available for the past 39 years, and are both under lifetime warranty. The vinyl products are proven to be the best for Hawaii’s tough salty air climate, and at any price that’s a real bargain.

The greatest thing is, unlike the people who pioneered most products in Hawaii the people who first brought these products to Hawaii are still in Hawaii installing them and servicing these vinyl products for lucky Hawaii homeowners.



I’m Matt Houar, the 4-year-old when all these products began in Hawaii. Now, my son Mike is the next generation to keep things going for us at Tropical.

It’s unusual that the same company is still selling and servicing their jobs after all these years but Tropical is an exception to the rule. For all of Tropical’s customers it truly is, “lucky you live Hawaii,” because not many companies stay in business to keep their warranties and service on lifetime products.

Most Hawaii homeowners think lifetime warranties are only as good as the company representing them. Well that is true and the only company still representing 56-year-old vinyl product warranties in Hawaii is Tropical Wholesale.


If you are thinking of installing vinyl windows or vinyl siding, call the real experts in Hawaii. Come to Tropical Wholesale’s showroom and see how vinyl windows and siding have changed over the years and deal with the only “Locally owned vinyl siding and vinyl window company in Hawaii.” Ask for Matt or Mike and remember to buy local. The showroom is open Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m., and Saturday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Call 593-2000.

Matthew Houar is owner of Tropical Wholesale.

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