Americans love luxury and technology, so it’s no surprise that the two are meeting and thriving in one of our favorite places — the bathroom. Just as technology is transforming every other area of the house, inside and out, it’s recreating our concept of what constitutes a luxurious bathroom.

The 2016 Houzz Bathroom Trends study found many homeowners renovating their bathrooms are incorporating technology into their plans. From smart mirrors and medicine cabinets to showerheads with Bluetooth connectivity and self-cleaning toilets, technology’s time has arrived in the American bathroom.

If you’ll be designing or renovating a bathroom this year, here are four must-have technology items to incorporate into your plans:

The medicine cabinet of tomorrow

Hidden speakers, high-efficiency task lighting with capacitive-touch dimming, integrated USB charging ports — clearly, this is not your parent’s medicine cabinet! The modern medicine cabinet does far more than serve as a repository for aspirin and toothpaste.

Robern’s AiO collection of medicine cabinets also includes magnetic storage strips, accessory trays, adjustable shelving, a magnification mirror and integrated electrical outlets. The embedded, invisible speakers turn the entire mirror into an audio system that’s compatible with most USB-enabled music-playing devices.

Robern, an independently operated subsidiary of bathroom fixtures giant Kohler, has been making innovative bathroom fixtures for nearly 50 years. The AiO line is also fully customizable. Visit robern. com to learn more.

Fancy, user-friendly faucets


Remember the days when touchless faucets were the wave of the future? Modern bathroom faucets go far beyond the mere ability to turn them on or off without touching them. Faucets now marry high-tech functionality with leading-edge design to create a visual focal point for your bathroom vanity.


A variety of manufacturers offer a staggering array of features, including: • Built-in face recognition that automatically adjusts water temperature and pressure to the settings of the recognized user. • Internet connectivity and a display screen so you can see emails, your calendar and the weather report while you’re brushing your teeth. • Patterned or shaped spray produced by special mechanisms within the faucet that creates swirls in the water discharge or shapes it into a thin sheet of water. • The ability to track water consumption while adjusting the temperature and flow to maximize efficiency.

Smarter toilets

Seventy percent of the homeowners surveyed by Houzz said they had upgraded their toilets as part of their bathroom renovations. Today’s toilets are far more than just a place to take care of business. You can find features that range from practical to decadent, including:

• Heated seats and bidet functions

• Dryers and deodorizers

• Built-in music players

• Illumination for nighttime bathroom visits


• Remote controls for opening and closing the lid and seat

• Hands-free flushing

• Automatic self-cleaning

Modern mirrors

From built-in TVs to task lighting and integrated USB ports, mirrors, like other bathroom fixtures, are now incorporating a variety of high-tech features.

Robern’s AiO wall mirror collection offers numerous features, including the ability to wirelessly turn the mirror into a speaker.

The mirror can communicate with any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone to stream your favorite music or news program into the bathroom.

The AiO wall mirrors allow users to customize light output for their needs. A capacitive-touch dimming switch controls the LED lights in the mirror, and LUM Lighting produces light in the 4,000-4,500 Kelvin range to provide brighter, fresher light that imparts neutral illumination to skin tones.


Whether you’re renovating an old bathroom you can no longer stand or building a new home with your dream bathroom, high-tech features can add enjoyment and usability to one of the most popular rooms in the house.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.