With the middle-aged and senior population in Hawaii increasing, many are realizing that aging in the comfortable surroundings of their own home isn’t as easy as once thought. Slips and falls account for 79 percent of all senior hospitalizations statewide, making it a serious threat to the safety and independence of Hawaii’s aging population.

Bathtubs present slick and uneven surfaces that create unsafe conditions for those with limited mobility, often resulting in slips and falls. To prevent such accidents, Island Bath Works offers walk-through bathtub conversions, an innovative process in which the existing bathtub is modifi ed by cutting out a portion, and custom fabricating a seamless entryway allowing for an easy and safe step into the tub.

The need for bathtub conversions


With service to all the islands, Island Bath Works’ bathtub conversion is a popular option for those wishing to remain independent. “Many homeowners commit to doing a walk-through bathtub conversion only after having an accident,” said Island Bath Works CEO Eric Thompson. “Our goal is to help people take the necessary preventative measures before it’s too late.”


Enormous value and convenience

Oftentimes, the high cost of labor and supplies are reasons why many choose to hold off on accessibility modifications. However, with various proprietary techniques, Island Bath Works is able to maintain a significantly lower price tag and faster turnaround time than most bathroom renovation companies.

“Typically to get a walk-in shower or sit-in bathtub, the conversion process can range anywhere from $12,000 to $15,000 on average ,” said Thompson. “Our services achieve a seamless, high-quality finish on approximately 80 percent less of what the alternatives would normally cost.”


A walk-in tub modification involves one full day of work, with the tub ready for use the following night. No water shutoffs, demolition, or extended downtime involved. Additionally, the conversion process is advantageously versatile as it can be done on any type of bathtub ranging from fiberglass to cast iron and steel materials. “Most homes in Hawaii were built with high-quality cast iron bathtubs, so for those homes, it makes no sense to replace a functioning bathtub which was made to last for generations,” said Thompson.


In addition to the bathtub conversion, customers can choose also to refinish their bathtub. Unlike bathtub replacement, which would involve removing and replacing all components, as well as redoing the plumbing configuration, bathtub refinishing re-surfaces existing surfaces to achieve a nice and clean appearance, while incorporating a nonskid surface that’s built right into the finish.

Island Bath Works ensures the durability of walk-in tub conversions by guaranteeing a 10-year structural warranty as well as a five-year warranty on refinishing.


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