When it comes to qualities that set Windows Hawaii apart, superior products and customer service always come to mind. The latter, according to general manager Mario Garcia, has always been integral to Windows Hawaii as a business.

“Sometimes, customers aren’t used to dealing with contractors, but if they do, we want them to have a good experience,” he said. “We not only do what we’re supposed to do, but we also do what other contractors cannot. We go above and beyond, and we’re here to build back confidence on the contractors’ side.”


Many local companies gain business through first-hand customer accounts, and Windows Hawaii is no exception. Customer Donna Campbell came across Windows Hawaii after several attempts to find a reputable contractor to do renovations on her home last fall.

“Originally, I had signed with another contractor and had gone through the whole (renovation) process for almost a year,” she recalled. “In the end, he couldn’t do it and I was truly disappointed with the outcome.”

Campbell had talked to several different contractors before meeting Garcia and the Windows Hawaii team. She found Windows Hawaii by doing research on the Internet and seeing the company’s ads.


“After a year of dealing with the original contractor, I gave Windows Hawaii a call,” she remembered. “They came into my house, looked at what had been done so far and did a lovely job on my home. They did what they promised they would do.”

For Campbell, Windows Hawaii stands apart from other companies because “from beginning to end, it was a very positive experience.” She said the company doesn’t only provide superior products, but everything — from the sales to installation — is done with unparalleled professionalism.

“The installation of the windows was done fir st class,” Campbell confirmed. “The guys that came in were polite, cleaned up afterward and wanted to make sure we were happy. It wasn’t just the end product; it was the whole process that was enjoyable.”


“When you come across a company that does their job properly, you’re happy to share that with friends,” she summarized. “Windows Hawaii deser ves business. They really did what they said they were going to do, and they did it well.”

contact // 671-0808 or 383-7233 (cell)
address // 91-489B Komohana St.
email // saleshi@windows-hawaii.com
web // trustwindowshawaii.com