QUESTION OF THE WEEK: We moved to our current home at the beginning of the year, and since then, have been hearing things that the couple that used to live here argued and fought “all the time.” This confirms why I feel uneasy here. I can’t help but wonder: Can this negative energy “rub off” on my relationship?

What you feel may be the energy of the


past inhabitants. What you describe as “negative energy that can rub off ” is known as “predecessor energy,” something that many people can intuitively feel. It is the unseen energy of either the land or the former occupants of the space. Although unseen, predecessor energy is impactful because its life force can be felt.

Seeing predecessor energy firsthand

I saw predecessor energy “in action” when I learned about what happened to a woman who moved into a cottage unaware of the importance of such energy. A self-employed woman, her business was financially okay, and for years she had been making enough to support herself. At the time she moved into her new space, her health was good, she was close to her adult daughter, and on good terms with her ex-husband, who owed her some money and was slowly paying her back.

Going downhill fast

By the time she called me eight months later, she had lost 75 percent of her clients, her ex-husband had stopped sending her the money he owed her, and her relationship with her daughter had become unusually strained. In addition, she was dealing with some medical challenges that arose after she moved into her new space. She felt as if her life was crumbling around her.

What is the problem?


After hearing her story, I asked her who lived in the space before her. She found out that the man who lived there previously had been a tenant for more than seven years, but had stopped paying rent two years before he actually moved out. He had lost his job, his family support, his health, and eventually began taking illegal drugs. Two weeks prior to her moving in, he was forcefully and unwillingly evicted from the cottage.

Although that was an extreme case, it demonstrated to me that predecessor energy is real and the history of a space is important.


Clearing predecessor energy

To clear the predecessor energy without having to move out, you can have the home blessed. Any type of spiritual ritual or blessing can help to reset and refresh the energy, making a difference to the energetic feel and impact of the environment.


Even if you feel no predecessor energy, you may want to bless and clear your home to give it the energy of renewal, providing everyone occupying the space a fresh start. Next week I’ll share with you a method on how you can claim the space as your own and restore energetic balance.

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