A new year is upon us and 2016 is gone. Everyone makes new year resolutions such as to quit smoking or drinking, spend more time with the family, eat healthy, or lose weight. Many of the resolutions are forgotten by the time March rolls around and are not given any more thought until next year.

The same can be said about improvements to your home. Are you really going to live with the cramped style that you have put up with for the past year? Isn’t it time to make an addition so that your family can have more space? Or maybe you have a little addition to the family and it’s time for a new bedroom or family room.



Are you still using the same bathroom that was built in 1976? Maybe it’s time for some new fixtures that don’t leak or it’s time to replace that rusty bathtub and cracked wall tiles. It’s trendy to replace the bathtub wall surrounds with 12 by 24 horizontal porcelain wall tiles for a modern clean look. Use chocolate cherry for the vanity cabinets with granite countertops for a beautiful finish.

Recessed LED ceiling light fixtures with switch dimmers are the perfect balance to modernize your style. Is your car way to hot when it is parked in the driveway without a roof cover? Is it time for change? Replace that worn out asphalt driveway and construct a new garage or carport. You have made a big investment in a new car, now is the time to protect it.


Hire a professional licensed contractor for your next project. You can reach Town & Country Builders LLC at 737-7766 for a free visit and expert advice or visit The company is a member of the Better Business Bureau, National association of Home Builders, Building Industry Association, Certified Remodeler, and a recognized Builder for excellence for the past three years. Don’t let another year go by. Make a change today and call.

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