When it comes to top-grade windows that boast unbeatable quality, Windows Hawaii is your one-stop shop. Since its inception in 2007, Windows Hawaii has been recognized as the fastest-growing window company in the islands.

Windows Hawaii is famous for being an exclusive distributor of Ali‘i Extreme windows and doors by Anlin Windows Systems, a quality windows manufacturer. The Ali‘i Extreme window is specifically made to meet Hawaiian weather demands. Windows Hawaii general manager Mario

Garcia stated that it’s the leading window on the market.


“Anlin windows are engineered for Hawaiian homes,” he said. “Even though the Ali‘i Extreme is an Anlin window, it’s made specifically for here.”

Garcia encouraged customers to check out the Ali‘i Extreme Plus, the newest development in the Ali‘i Extreme line. He explained that in the Plus model, “the window itself is the same; it just has new enhancements.”

For example, the Ali‘i Extreme Plus window comes with a sound package standard as an expression of sound suppression technology.

“The sound package is a 3/16th-inch thick glass,” Garcia said. “This is going to be a standard; it’s not going to be an option (as it is in the Ali‘i Extreme window).”


Garcia said that Ali‘i Extreme Plus also comes with a comfort core insulating foam. He explained this low-conductive, closed-cell, foam filling is inserted into specific dead-air chamber s to provide superior thermal performance, and it’s an exclusive feature.

“The window has a foam core inside the frame and it also has fiberglass reinforcements instead of the aluminum reinforcements,” he stated. “These non-metal, pultruded fiberglass reinforcement is called the ‘INNERGY Reinforcement.’ It provides superior structure and thermal performance while being eco-friendly.”

These Ali‘i Extreme Plus windows boast enhanced functionality without sacrificing good looks.

“The ALUMA FORCE screen frame features a heavy-duty, low-profile, beveled, extruded screen frame that offers even better aesthetics and a lifetime of durability,” Garcia summarized.

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