In the last decade, plastic laminate flooring that resembled real wood, like Pergo, was one of the best selling flooring choices in the market place. However, its wood fiber core could swell up due to liquid spills and pet urine if not wiped up right away. This would cause damage to the floor and in most cases would have to be changed out or entirely replaced.

In the past year or two, there has been a new generation of floating vinyl-flooring products on the market that are “waterproof.” These products contained no wood byproducts in its composition, thus not affected by spills or pet urine left on the surface for an extended period of time. This type of waterproof flooring is getting very popular among homeowners for their new home construction or flooring renovation projects. There are now many choices available through home centers and flooring retailers.


Metrolfor, one of the oldest vinyl manufacturers, has come up with the next evolution of “waterproof ” flooring and believes that it has created the best product available in the market place today. This new product is Engage Genesis, a floating vinyl “waterproof ” floor that has the realistic look of natural wood without any of hardwood’s maintenance or durability issues.

The flooring was developed with a pioneering new technology called Isocore, an extruded, closed-cell PVC structure core that does not absorb liquids.


This core is very rigid and along with its’ locking joints has the strength to span minor subfloor irregularities making it easier to install and float over most existing hard surface flooring already down. The plank comes attached with a premium foam underlayment pad which provides improved comfort underfoot and sound absorption for a quiet environment.


On the surface is a thick vinyl wear layer that protects the wood pattern from staining, scuffing and wearing out. The vinyl surface and the premium pad has Metroflor’s new “Ultra Fresh” treatment which inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, and eliminates odors associated with microbial growth, providing a clean and hygienic surface to live on.

Besides these features of the product, Engage Genesis has wood plank patterns that achieve a level of realism paralleled only by the natural wood itself. There are patterns that are best selling real wood look in today’s market which include wire brushing, fuming, multi-glazing and distressing. For the local taste, there is even an Island Collection that has Koa and Mango patterns to name a few.

There are several different price points to fit your budget and the products are backed up by the manufacturer’s residential warranty from 15 years to lifetime, depending on the product purchased. The warranty also covers water damage with exclusions. Metroflor created Engage Genesis, the best product available in the market. To see samples, visit Abbey Carpet’s showroom and see the Engage Genesis display.

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