When it comes to qualities that set Windows Hawaii apart, customer service and superior products come to mind. But, according to general manager Mario Garcia, the business has always been customer service oriented.

“We go the extra mile to ensure the customer gets what they deserve,” Garcia said. “We recognize that customers can go anywhere (for business), but when it comes to window replacement, we want them to think of Windows Hawaii — the number one and only chosen Hawaii’s best company.”


Customer Jack Estonactoc’s experience with Windows Hawaii is a true testament of how the company goes above and beyond to guarantee satisfaction. Estonactoc and his wife live in Mililani, and they were looking for new windows. After reading an article about Windows Hawaii in the newspaper, they decided to give the company a call.

“We had just painted our house, but when windows are 30 years old, they start falling apart,” Estonactoc said. “During my first call with the Windows Hawaii office staff, they were very personal over the phone. They were professional and courteous about helping me with my needs. Their customer service probably helped me pursue them.”

Estonactoc recalled how Mario personally came out to meet Estonactoc and his wife on a Sunday.


“I was really impressed — that was the time my wife and I could meet because of our busy schedules,” he said. “Mario’s presentation was very good, in terms of letting my wife and I know the different features and benefits of Ali‘i Extreme windows.”

That meeting led to an estimate, and soon, Estonactoc and his wife decided to order new windows. Even though the process took several months — from ordering to installation — they were at ease because they knew they were in good hands.

“The windows came in from the mainland in November, and we scheduled a December installation,” Estonactoc said. “The installation crew was very professional with everything; they explained exactly what was going on, and it took less than two days.”


“Bottom line: Windows Hawaii provides excellent customer service from beginning to end,” Estonactoc summarized. “The cost was also great for us because of the many discounts that they offered. My wife and I are very happy with the windows, and we also love their lifetime warranty. We highly recommend Windows Hawaii — in fact, we’re talking about different projects with them. That’s how happy we are.”

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