Every now and then, I come across a tool or an item that makes my imagination run wild with possibilities. That is what happened when I bought my first staple gun. I immediately began dreaming up (and carrying out) projects around the home, most of which involved reupholstering chair seats.

This time, I am fawning over hanger bolts. Hanger bolts have threading at both ends, a machine thread end and a lag screw thread end. One end fits with either a nut or tapped hole and the other fits with wood threads. While they do not look like much, they allow for many possibilities. You can use them for anything from suspending electrical wiring to accessorizing furniture.



One project I have in mind is replacing the drawer pulls on a dresser. If you want to pull off a DIY drawer-pull makeover as well, here’s how:

Star t by gathering wooden objects you can use as pulls. Because I have been staying at home with my new baby girl, of course my mind wanders to fun, kid-themed pulls: yo-yos, wooden hearts, and wooden zoo animals. However, you can use any wooden object you like, as long as it is thick enough to hold the hanger bolt.


Aside from your pulls, you’ll need a drill, hanger bolts in the length appropriate for the thickness of your pulls and drawer panel, pliers, and nuts. If you are removing existing pulls, use those to help you assess the size of new pulls to get along with the other items.


Start by drilling a pilot hole into the back of your item. The hole should be slightly smaller than the hanger bolt and as long as the wood thread end. Take note of the dimensions of the hanger bolt and choose your drill bit accordingly. Next, use pliers to twist your hanger bolt into place. Twist until the wood thread end is in completely.


Finish it off by attaching the new pull onto your dresser. Insert the hanger bolt through the hole where you removed the old pulls. Fasten them on with the nuts. Repeat with the remaining pulls.

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