QUESTION OF THE WEEK: The upcoming Chinese Zodiac year is the Year of the Rooster. Will you give me your insight on what to expect? Are there some specific things to do to best prepare for this year?

Astrologically, this coming Saturday, Jan. 28, marks the beginning of the energies of the Year of the Rooster, in particular the “fire” rooster, pushing out the year of the monkey. Because fire is related to the color red, it also is called the Year of the “Red Fire Rooster.”

The upcoming year

After all the turmoil and endings experienced in this past year, the rooster brings power to the year. It’s a year without a lot of middle road when it comes to moving forward, so set your intent on what you want to accomplish because this year there’s more motivation “in the air” than last year.


In 2017, you’ll be less apt to hold on to your old ways and habits as you’ll see that what’s worked before, doesn’t work anymore. Where you’ve been “stubborn” you’ll be more flexible. Though certain areas of your life may become more complicated before they become clear, the key is to do the best you can in each moment.

Understanding the year

We can understand the year best by understanding the characteristics of the rooster. He is the tenth of the twelve Chinese zodiacs and is the only bird species. He is the “awakener of dawn” and can always be depended on. As such, the year brings punctuality and loyalty into high focus.

Roosters are persistent, strong and dynamic. They are also restless. Therefore, if you are bored or tired of where you are in your life, or you feel a sense of stagnancy, you’ll honor the need to break free more than ever. New found strength will be the best part of the year for many.

Also, honesty will become a highly valued commodity as we see more and more deception coming to light.


Feng shui actions to take in your home


Welcome the incoming year with fire energy in the form of color, adorning your home with red.

Set the intent for maximum wealth for the coming year. It always feels good to have lots of money in your wallet, so fill your wallet with cash tomorrow (lots of singles will do), making it appear stuffed and full, symbolizing the abundance you expect.

Wear something new on Saturday, representing a new outlook, a new you and new beginnings. Red symbolizes joy and happiness. If you have no new clothes to wear, at least wear something red!

When you wake up on Saturday, Jan. 28, open all the doors and windows and let the energy of 2016 move out so that new, inspirational and fresh opportunities can be welcomed in for 2017!


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