The month of January has always been one of new beginnings. I decided to try to implement new lifestyle changes, starting this month, such as cutting down on days of the week that I let myself indulge in unhealthy food or drinks.

It turns out that I am not alone in my quest for improvement this year. Research from the University of Scranton suggests that 45 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. While the majority of people will not keep these resolutions, I see that as no reason why they are not worth trying. Perhaps it is not keeping resolutions that is the hard part, but making resolutions we can keep.

Aside from health and wellness, many people choose to make improvements around the home. One of the top resolutions: getting and staying organized. Organizing certain items, like books, can be easy. They stack well and look nice on shelves. But what about things like toys or holiday lights that don’t stack so well? Luckily, they can be organized easily, too. Try these tips for organizing odd-sized items.


Wrap them up. Take cords or things like holiday lights and garland and wrap them around flat pieces of cardboard before packing away in storage bins.

Go behind closed doors. Use a behind-the-door shoe rack organizer for odd-sized items you need to be accessible but would rather have stowed away, like stuffed animals.

Think double-duty. When furniture shopping, always keep an eye out for items with built-in storage. Coffee tables, media consoles and ottomans have plenty of options that allow you to stow items out of view.

Make it easy on yourself. Use clear bins for under-the-bed or hidden storage. I use these for my craft supplies, everyday tools and first-aid kit. I just peek under the bed and can tell at first glance which is which.

Pack it up. If you do not travel often, put your luggage to work in other ways. Store seasonal clothing, jewelry, extra bedding, and other odds and ends inside. If you go on a trip, simply set the items to the side and put them back in when you put your luggage away later.

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