Remember When you actually had to leave the house to do things?

Today, you could use your smartphone to do all your shopping, order groceries and have them delivered, and then watch all the Oscar nominated films without ever getting off the couch.


It’s pretty amazing, but for all the convenience we enjoy with our digital lifestyle, sometimes you need a hands-on, personalized approach. And no one knows this better than those who have taken up the DIY lifestyle, or the millions of Americans who obsess over their lawn.

There might be an app for everything, but when it comes to the tools you use to keep your lawn in shape, your best bet is to find an outdoor power equipment dealer who can share their expertise with you. Here are five reasons why.

1. Get personalized service. Everyone cares for their lawn differently. One size doesn’t fit all, and this kind of personalized care needs personalized options. Working with a dealer can help you learn what’s best for you and best for your lawn.

2. Make the best decisions. With so much lawn equipment out there, making up your mind can sometimes be overwhelming. Dealers can help you sort through all the products and explain the different options available to you, such as choosing between gas-powered and battery-powered outdoor power equipment.

3. Learn about service and maintenance. Dealers offer invaluable advice that even yardwork veterans can benefit from. They can tell you the best way to winterize and care for the next generation of lawn care products. In addition, they work closely with top manufacturers so they can give you valuable information about sales, promotions and warranty offers. Dealers also have service shops that can fix broken equipment or give tools a tune-up to prepare for spring lawn care work.

4. Learn about equipment accessories. Dealers have been working in the lawn care industry for years. With this level of expertise, they can point you towards the equipment accessories that will help you get the most out of your outdoor power equipment. There are several accessories you can buy, such as this mini excavator brush cutter, which can really help you improve your lawn. Dealers stock and sell the largest variety of accessories for your outdoor power equipment needs.

5. Try before you buy. There’s a reason you don’t buy a car without driving it. The same should apply to lawn equipment. You want something that feels comfortable in your hands, that isn’t too heavy and has the power you need. Most of the time, you really have to use something before you know if it’s right or not, and some dealers will allow you to try out products at the store before making a decision.

To see what a difference personalized service makes, check out to find an outdoor power equipment dealer near you.


This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.