It is the perfect time to dig in and tackle easy DIY projects for an updated home you’ll enjoy all year long. These simple home improvement projects are incredibly easy, affordable and can be completed in three hours or less.

Marvelous mirrors

Mirrors are timeless decor options, but the frames can look dated over time. Breathe new life into an old mirror by painting the frame a rich, modern color that pops within the current color scheme. Another idea is to clean the frame and adhere mosaic tiles along the edge for a crafty, custom look.

Handsome hardware


Old hardware makes any room look like a relic of yesteryear. Simply remove and clean to eliminate grime. Then use one of 11 colors of Krylon® Premium Metallic, like Pewter Gray or White Copper, to create a lustrous, high-gloss metallic finish in just a few coats.

Dazzling doors

Dingy doors can get a stylish update with minimal effort when you add some interesting detailing to the panels. Leftover wallpaper, for example, can be adhered to the panel sections for an eye-catching look. Another fun option, especially for kids’ rooms, is to spray paint panels with chalkboard paint.

Lovely lamps

Those old lamps still have a lot of life left in them — they just need a fresh color and finish. Metallic colors are trending for 2017, so add a modern touch to treasured lamps with a fresh coat of spray paint. Use Krylon® Shimmer Metallic for some extra shine and shimmer to transform an old lamp into a new statement piece.

Cheeky Chairs


Wood chairs are a household essential, but because they are used so frequently, they suffer a lot of wear and tear. There’s no need to replace when the finish is dull; just add some colorful pizzazz. No primer is needed, plus it dries in 10 minutes or less so you save time. Vivid shades like Gloss Emerald Green and Satin Burgundy are guaranteed to pop. Follow the simple directions below to revamp your own wooden chairs:


•Krylon(R) ColorMaster (TM) Paint +Primer
•Protective gloves and eye wear
•Drop cloth to protect work surface
•Tack cloth


1. Set up a spray area by covering work area with a drop cloth. Make sure it is in a well-ventilated area.

2. Read the spray paint can label for proper safety and application instructions.

3. Prep chair surface by lightly sanding. Then wipe down the surface with a tackcloth to remove dust and particles.

4. Apply even coats of ColorMaster Paint+Primer to the chair in a side-to-side motion. Slightly overlap each spray, working from the top down.

5. Recoat, per instructions, until the chair’s surface is completely covered.

6. Allow paint to dry completely.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.