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January 15, 2017


In the ’70s, a plumber named Jim Whitcomb came home from work ready for a shower and realized he was out of hot water. His landlord Mr. Toba, a long-time local, came over and pointed to a box on the roof and exclaimed in his broken English, “No more sun, no more hot water.”

Mr. Toba enlightened Whitcomb by explaining that the hot water in his rental unit was being generated from a solar hot water system. Sensing the potential of this new fangled energy device, Whitcomb researched solar energy systems. Months later, he started a company providing solar hot water systems locally.

Now, 40 years after Whitcomb first saw that crude solar hot water contraption, Haleakala Solar has grown from a oneman operation to become, per the internationally recognized solar authority — Solar Power World magazine, the No. 1 Solar Contractor in Hawaii.

With service available to all Hawaii solar customers, Haleakala Solar keeps customers’ needs in mind and employs the most cost effective technology in renewable power.

Haleakala Solar sees batteries as a key in helping Hawaii achieve its goal of 100 percent renewable energy generation. Energy can be created with solar photo-voltaic (PV) then stored in batteries and used when there is no sunlight to create energy. This process can provide a home with solar powered electricity 24 hours per day.

PV + Storage is a 100 percent renewable energy system that is a proven investment that pays for itself over time.

Forty years of leading the way in solar and one of the first to sell and install batteries, Haleakala Solar is here to stay, helping Hawaii’s homes and businesses save energy and money.

Haleakala Solar services five of the majorly populated islands of Hawaii.

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