By Kelli Shiroma

Doing window renovations in their Kailua home was something Frederick and Phyllis Burkle wanted to do for a while. Thanks to Windows Hawaii, they recently had the chance to make their dreams a reality.


“We live by the water in a delightful neighborhood built in the 1960s,” Frederick Burkle said. “But, our louvered windows were not providing the security we needed and the frames were showing increasing rot. We knew we had to do something quickly, so we began to research our options.”

Burkle and his wife read about Windows Hawaii from an ad and proceeded to call the local company. He said they enjoyed their experience working with Windows Hawaii from beginning to end.

“First, a seasoned sales representative came to our home, demonstrating the product in detail,” he said. “The style options were vast and our many questions were answered. To our surprise, we found that the color of the frames, all vinyl, could have one color for the interior and another for the exterior. This led to an estimate, discussion and much-appreciated recommended payment options that fit our retirement limitations.”


“The technology and advancement of windows is something that’s a strong point for Windows Hawaii,” Burkle added. “That’s what we were most impressed with.”

During the renovation project, the Burkles decided to replace not just one, but all of their windows. Frederick emphasized the Windows Hawaii team’s attention to detail through the entire process.

“They took all the measurements in great detail throughout the entire house, and each time, we immediately had the reports in our email so we could look it over,” he remembered. “They were excellent workers — they worked as a team and explained things to us as things went along, asking for our opinion. Their experience and technical capabilities really came across to us.”


The replacement job wrapped up about three weeks ago, and Burkle would highly recommend Windows Hawaii to others.

“Quality means a great deal to us,” he said. “We didn’t have any complaints at all. These people are real professionals at what they do, and they’re very pleasant to work with. Our house is now more solid, we’re buffeted from a lot of the street noises and we’re as happy as can be. In the past, we didn’t have that experience with things we had to do around the house, so this was a breath of fresh air.”

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