Offering twice the opening width of their standard pocket doorframe, Johnson Hardware’s new 1562 Series Commercial Grade Bypass Pocket Door Frame lets you easily create a wider room divider using just a single wall recess. It’s a great alternative to converging doors.

Designed to support two heavyweight, solid-core bypass doors in a standard 2-inch by 6-inch timber-framed or steel-framed stud wall, it’s a snap for architects and interior designers to specify functional divided openings for large rooms with minimal wall obstructions and zero floor barriers. The results are clear, wide-open living spaces that meet ever y need. Configured for compatibility with most standard door sizes, Johnson’s versatile 1562 Pocket Door Frame is designed for easy installation in both bypass pocket door and converging bypass pocket door applications.


Ideal for separating living and dining rooms as well as other spaces, such as great rooms, kitchens, master bedrooms, and even home offices, Johnson’s 1562 Commercial Grade Bypass Pocket Door Frame accommodates doors up to 3-feet wide by 9-feet high by 1-3/8-inch thick and weighing up to 200 pounds each. It allows a broad selection of door materials and styles, from classic wood-framed glass-paneled doors to ultra-modern options.

Whether the doors are open or closed, you can create the elegant, custom looks you want to distinguish your interior spaces, while enhancing your lifestyle with forward-thinking solutions only available from Johnson Hardware.

Because it has no bottom guide track, Johnson’s 1562 frame ensures smooth glitch-free entry, making it a breeze for people using wheelchairs and walkers to navigate rooms independently. Making the frame easier to install as well, its trackless door guide also helps keep your floors pristine since there’s no interference with vacuums, brooms, or other cleaning tools.


The frame’s two tracks run parallel and allow both doors to fit into the wall pocket at the same time. Its heavy-gauge, steel-wrapped split studs even fortify walls by adding rigidity. The frame’s tricycle hangers won’t jump off the track either.

With Johnson’s space saving, smooth-operating 1562 Commercial Grade Bypass Pocket Door Frame, liberating the 10-14 square feet of floor space ever y swinging door uses means greater freedom of movement and more room for furnishings nearby doorways. Johnson’s 1562 Pocket Door Frame also brings sophistication, long-lasting functionality, and unique aesthetics to all homes. Johnson Hardware products are rigorously tested to meet ANSI (American National Standards Institute) quality standards.

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This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.