Every year, I try to do what I can to cut down on unnecessary objects around the home and especially in the trash. This holiday season, I’m turning my efforts toward holiday décor.

There are many household items that can be upcycled into festive decorations for the season.

Wine bottles. Re-purpose empty bottles to use as candleholders. Cover the labels with festive wrapping paper, burlap, or craft paper, and tie a bow around them. Then, top them off with tapered candles.

Christmas sweaters. Turn your holiday sweaters into holiday stockings. Download and print a stocking template. Next, use it to mark and cut out two pieces of the outline from your sweater. It helps to pin the template to the sweater before you begin. Line up the two pieces and sew them together on all sides except for the top. Then, turn the stocking inside out so the stitching is hidden. If you want to add a cuff to the top, you can use the bottom of the sweater, which is already finished. Sew the edge of the cut panel to the top of the stocking.



When you’re done, fold the panel in half, creating a cuff and hiding the stitching. Sew on a long piece of ribbon in a hoop to the top-left side of the stocking for hanging.

Cylindrical vases. Layer wrapped, colored candies inside the vase for festive décor you can eat. Use green and red wrapped chocolate kisses and red and white peppermints.

The trick is to find candies that are about the same size so that they layer well. If ants or other insects are not a problem in your house, you can use unwrapped candies as well. Finish the vases off with a bow.


Tennis balls. Take a square of festive fabric and place the ball in the middle. Gather up the sides and twist at the top so that the ball is covered, much like you might wrap a popcorn ball or lollipop. Tie the excess together with a bow and finish it off with some holly.

Windowpane , shutters, or wooden boards. Rather than throwing these items away, use them to display holiday cards or other décor.

Paint them white and attach some twine in a zig-zag pattern. Then, use clothespins to attach cards, ornaments, candy, and the like to jazz it up. Bonus: You can use this board throughout the year by switching up the accessories you attach to it.


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