A makeover that’s outside the box

By Cathy Lee Posted in: Celebrate StyleImprove
December 4, 2016


Remember I promised to take you inside my dream home makeover? Well, here’s the first room I’d like to share with you: our powder room.

Sometimes we remodel because we want a fresh look. Other times it’s to create more space, or, as in my case, update the floor plan to meet my family’s needs.

The main point in my next few columns is that if you have the time and budget for a remodel, try to think outside the box to make the best possible use of the space. Are things where you want them to be? Or can you improve them? Of course, consult an architect before you move structural elements like load-bearing walls.



This powder room was long and narrow. The glass block wall was near a door to an otherwise unused hallway. I wanted to shorten and widen the room so I could expand the TV room that’s behind it.

First, I moved the vanity to the back wall. This involved moving the plumbing, which is expensive, but for me was a necessary step.

Then I moved the door to another wall and cut the length of the bathroom by about three feet. At the same time, I moved the sidewall and made the room wider. In the narrow space that’s in front of the new door I added some drama. Now when you walk in, the first thing you see is a cool white stool in the shape of two hands, under a cascade of tea lights.

This remodel took out the underused hallway, gave the bathroom a better shape and most importantly, together with the space grabbed from the former hallway, added about 35 square feet to the TV room.

So tr y and look with a different set of eyes. Is it worth the time and money to take your remodel to the next level? I’ll have more on outside-thebox ideas next time.

Cathy Lee is a home style expert, speaker, president and designer of Cathy Lee Style. For more information, visit cathyleestyle.com.