Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material for sloped roofs in Hawaii. This is because they also are one of the most affordable systems. They are a reliable workhorse, until they age and a high wind blows them off. Also, they quickly tend to attract mildew and dirt and look very dingy after just a few years.

You are allowed have a total of two shingle roofs on your home under the Hawaii building code. After that, you are required to tear off those two roofs and dispose of them at the dump, before you put on a new roof.

This has become increasingly expensive as the city has raised dump fees again and again to cover its costs. If you have an older shingle roof, The Cool Roof Store (CRS) suggests you look at a new solution that will save you a lot of money. Instead of replacing your shingle roof, simply recoat it with a silicone top coat.



For the first time, there is a silicone roof coating on the market that is approved for asphalt shingles. CRS Silicone roof coating has a special non-leveling formula that is made for sloping roofs, like asphalt shingles. Once it is applied over shingles, at the proper rate, you never have to re-roof again. Silicone does not chalk or “sacrifice” itself over time, like water based Acrylics do. Dirt and mold have a hard time sticking to its slippery surface and wash off easily with a hose nozzle, in most cases.

Since silicone coatings can last up to 50 years, you have minimal maintenance to keep your roof looking clean and new. If you choose a lighter color, your roof temperature will be as much as 60 degrees cooler in the summer, compared to your existing hot shingle roof. That means lower air conditioning costs as well as a more comfortable summer indoors.

Even better, your shingles won’t blow off in most high winds because they are “glued down” with the silicone coating and the wind can’t lift them up. With some new colors coming soon you can blend into the neighborhood with a conventional color, or opt for cool, elegant white. Either way, you may never have to reroof again, simply recoat with a simple top-coat every 20-30 years, using only a fraction of the original coating.

If you don’t want to do it yourself, don’t worry, you are not alone. Leakmaster Roofing is an authorized installer for the Cool Roof Store and can offer long warranties so you never have to sweat through another hot summer, worried that one high wind can blow off your old shingles.

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