A renaissance is a time of innovation and revival, a period of new growth or activity. Hawaii is currently experiencing a solar renaissance with the convergence of self-supply solar, easy financing, and new high-performance technologies.

“I’ve never had a customer say, ‘I wish I had waited to install solar.’ They all wish they had done it sooner,” said Chief Innovation Officer Eric Carlson. “The reality is and always will be: You’ll spend more money waiting than you’ll benefit in equipment price decreases. Homeowners will never save more money by delaying the decision to go solar.”

Fast, easy self-supply


Homeowners who want photovoltaic (PV) now can reap solar energy’s many benefits quickly with a Self-Supply system. These systems generally experience 30-day approvals from HECO. Self-supply PV systems actually offer greater energy independence than grid-tied ones because they use an on site battery to store excess energy produced during the day. This energy can be used at night or in the event of a power outage.

Leasing locks in low electricity rates

Energy prices are low right now, and leasing companies are competing with low electricity rates.

That means if you choose to lease, you will lock in a low rate for the duration of your 20-year term. Homeowners wishing to take advantage of state and federal tax credits and low interest rates can finance their PV systems.


Solar installations and Smart Home improvements can be financed up to $65,000 with same-day approval through Green-sky, the nation’s largest home improvement lender. Eight-year loans — with no payments and no interest for the first two years — are also available.

Home energy storage is the renaissance

When combined with a PV system, solar storage can reduce or eliminate your home’s monthly electric bill and give you the security of having power when you need it most. RevoluSun Smart Home has Hawaii’s largest selection of batteries for Self-Supply systems in the only showroom where you can see them all on display. For average-sized PV installations, RevoluSun Smart Home project developers like to use the Tesla Powerwall, which has an internal cooling mechanism, doesn’t get hot, and doesn’t off-gas, so units can be stored inside or outside the home. Blue Ion and Sunverge batteries are also available, offering more storage capacity depending on the size of the home and energy storage requirements.

Stop by the Innovation Center at 210 Ward Ave., Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m., to see, touch and learn about these products. You may also call 748-888 or visit revolusun. com.

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