Polished concrete floors shine in more ways than one. They deliver with excellent durability, style, versatility and cost-effectiveness. Smooth polished floors are stunning on interiors and garage floors, and strong enough for commercial and industrial use.

Here’s a look at its unique attributes.

Polishing enhances the enduring strength of concrete, the choice building material for centuries. Diamond abrasives are used to grind the surface, exposing the stronger concrete that lies beneath. Then it is finished with a penetrating floor guard — there is no coating on the surface that would wear off with time and traffic.


Polished concrete provides one-of-a-kind, perfectly imperfect floors. They have an organic look that showcases the natural character and imperfections of the concrete. Sheen, color and aggregate exposure will vary throughout the floor, imparting a distinctive finish to each surface.


Polished concrete has a striking and elegant appeal that can adapt to almost any d├ęcor. A penetrating stain in an earthy tone will bring warmth to your space or amp up the drama with dark gray, black or bold colors like red, blue or green. Further enhance the floors by adding score lines, borders or patterns into the concrete. If you decide to polish your concrete floors prior to the concrete being poured, you have even more design options available such as: • Adding special aggregate into the concrete mix, like colored glass or shells, which will be revealed during the polishing process. • Adding integral color to the concrete mix for a pigment that extends throughout the whole slab and won’t wear away or fade.

Polished concrete provides high-quality floors that eliminate the need for costly maintenance, repairs and replacement. Other flooring options may have a lower initial cost, but polished concrete delivers a lower lifetime cost. Polished concrete floors can last a lifetime and keep their luster for up to 10 years before requiring refinishing. The dense surface inhibits stains and resists tire and scuff marks and only needs dust mopping and occasional use of a neutral pH floor cleaner, no waxing or sealing.

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