For customers anticipating the shipment of high-quality redwood doors, the wait is over. According to Rui Construction sales manager John Xie, the company now has these highly sought-after products in stock. The redwood doors feature a solid piece of wood with a specific hue.

“The redwood doors just came in recently,” Xie confirmed. “Customers who are currently building new houses have been looking at them and asking about them.”

“This is a different door from what you would usually see at Home Depot or Lowe’s,” he added. “The color and craftsmanship on these doors is what makes it different. If you go to Home Depot or Lowe’s and want one of these redwood doors, it would be a special order through the manufacturer; it will take a long time to receive it. But, with Rui, our stock is on hand and ready to go.”



Rui also received a new shipment of tiles recently. Xie said these tiles have been popular choices for larger living rooms and entryways. These tiles are on display in Rui’s showroom, so interested customers can easily get a visual idea of what the tile patterns look like.

“If you put six of these tile pieces together, it creates a pattern,” Xie explained. “These ‘tile pictures’ are great for large living room areas. Most of our customers are from Asia and they like the oriental-style patterns.”

More new products will be available at Rui Construction in the upcoming months, according to Xie. Those interested in lighting, in particular, can anticipate an expanded assortment.

“We’ll have new, modern LED lights and chandelier lights as well. Stop by our showroom to check out our product lines,” said Xie.

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