SolarTech Industries and 7 Star Electric (C-30135) offers a wide variety of services for photovoltaic (PV) system owners.

While the company is well known for its maintenance and repair services, 7 Star Electric owner Kai Lau Kong wanted customers to know the company’s area of expertise lies beyond that to include installation as well.

“Many of our customers have pending Net Energy Metering (NEM) and Customer Grid-Supply (CGS) approvals to install a PV system,” he said. “HECO closed the NEM program in October 2015 and the CGS program this past September. This means HECO isn’t processing any new PV applications at the moment. SolarTech and 7 Star Electric is here to help customers that have an approval, but have not installed their system yet.”


Lau Kong explained that some customers who call the company may have submitted an application to HECO more than a year ago and only recently got an approval to install their system. Other customers turn to SolarTech and 7 Star Electric because of changes with their original installation company.


“There are a lot of customers in these situations,” Lau Kong confirmed. “Some of these customers submitted their applications a while back, so they either don’t have an installer or they want to change installation companies.”

Lau Kong reassured new customers that SolarTech and 7 Star Electric is here to help make the installation process as painless as possible.

“You have to apply to get a PV system installed, and it can be a lengthy process,” Lau Kong stated. “We take care of customers from beginning to end.”


According to Lau Kong, paperwork needs to be submitted before and after a PV system is installed. Even if customers apply to have a PV system installed and that application is approved, it doesn’t mean they can immediately start to use their system.

Lau Kong said the system must be validated with HECO to complete the installation process — and that’s where turning to SolarTech and 7 Star Electric leads to success.

“Sometimes, companies may have installed a PV system (for their customers), but they didn’t complete the validation process, which means their customers cannot turn on their system,” he said.

“After your PV system is installed, you need to submit a complete validation package to HECO, which includes required photos, inverter settings and permit closure. We’re here to help you complete the validation process and make sure you can energize your PV system without any problems.”

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