Yes, you can still save big on your electric bill! Under the current customer self-supply solar program, a homeowner cannot send excess solar to the grid, but can still draw power from the grid. Today, you’re hearing more and more about batteries and energy storage systems. Allow Hawaii Energy Connection to tell you that not all battery or energy storage systems are alike.

So much more than just batteries, the KumuKit Powerblocks™ system connects to new and existing photovoltaic (PV) systems, and works together with your solar panels and household electrical devices that allows you to manage using an Energy Management Controller (EMC), creating a PV energy management system unlike any other in Hawaii or rather on the market today. In fact, all newly installed KumuKit™ PV systems now come with this innovative and proprietary Energy Management Controller.

The company’s self-supply systems can start at $5,000 after state and federal tax credits, and cover roughly 30 percent of a home’s energy demand. Customers can add batteries over the years to increase the system size if they want. The total upfront costs, before the tax credits, range from $14,000 (without batteries) to upward of $35,000 (with batteries). In 2008, at the beginning of Hawaii’s PV solar boom, the cost of PV alone was the same price as PV with energy storage today.


Power outages from tropical storms and electrical grid failure are inevitable. Keep the power flowing and your family going with Powerblocks,™ and you won’t have to suffer through them again.

Powerblocks™ operates silently in the background, providing immediate backup power to lighting, medical equipment, refrigerator, television, radio, phone chargers, fish tank/pond or other critical items that are important to your family in times of emergency.

KumuKit™ has great financing options available, too. Many of you have Net Energy Metering (NEM) or Customer Grid-Supply (CGS) approvals to install a PV system, but can’t get a hold of your contractor or they’re longer in business. Give the company a call and the staff will help you continue through the process to get you installed. Hawaii Energy Connection is also offering two free educational seminars this month. See the company’s ad in this section and please RSVP, as they are filling up. The staff will also answer any questions you may have following the seminar.

Every family is unique with their home electricity usage, so knowing the PV system size you will need is a big deal. With the company’s exclusive PV SIZER™ tool, allow the staff to help you to “right-size” a system and help you to visualize the system size you’ll need, and better understand how to maximize its power.

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