SolarTech Industries and 7 Star Electric (C-30135) may be known as the only company in Hawaii to specialize in photovoltaic monitoring, maintenance and repair, but the company also boasts expert installation services. According to SolarTech owner Mike Tanuvasa, the company is often solicited for maintenance and repair jobs, but their area of expertise extends beyond that.

“We offer long-term relationships with our customers to ensure their investment is well-served,” he said.


The photovoltaic installation process isn’t easy, and Tanuvasa emphasized the need for customers to choose qualifi ed installation companies.

“Whether homeowners go with us or another company, they need to be aware of the ongoing changes in the solar industry and choose a qualifi ed installer,” Tanuvasa said.

Because SolarTech and 7 Star specialize in maintenance and repair, Tanuvasa said other company’s clients often call them as a result of solar installation problems.


“For some of our customers, we had to come in and correct everything — down to the paperwork,” Tanuvasa explained. “In the end, their system was corrected, the proper paperwork was submitted, and their system was approved to operate.”


Such was the case of customer Ryan Chong, who had a solar system installed in Januar y by another company. He recalled submitting an NEM agreement, but because of HECO’s modifi ed regulations, the paperwork was rejected several times.

“Mike was able to get my NEM approved through HECO to get my meter installed,” Chong said. “Because of the way HECO runs the NEM agreements, it’s a lot different now.”


Chong testifi es to the company’s timeliness — “once I contacted Mike, everything took about two or three weeks to complete” — and knowledge.

“Mike has a good grasp of what HECO requires and what they need to do on their behalf to get ever ything approved,” Chong said. “It’s not just about putting the system in; it’s the administrative side as well. A lot of people can install the system, but the paperwork is another hurdle you have to go over. If I didn’t have everything done by the end of August, my NEM agreement would have been voided. I’m glad SolarTech and 7 Star Electric were able to help me just in time.”

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