For decades, D’s Plumbing has served the people of Hawaii and with unending dedication and service in providing the best in “customer satisfaction.” The company provides you with complete services from renovations to bathrooms and kitchens island wide. Also, as a general contractor, the staff is capable of performing extensions for the growing families no matter what the situation might be.

Begin in the bathroom

Thinking about replacing your old tub due to age, along with the tile walls that are begging for a chance? Well, D’s Plumbing can replace that tub with a new one along with an updated surrounding tub walls which could be of larger ceramic tiles, cultured marble panels or corian depending on your budget. The company also includes replacing your old pop-up drain and tub/shower valve to meet our plumbing code.


You might even be thinking of replacing that lavatory vanity, W.C. (toilet), bath flooring, light fixture and repainting the entire bath to give that complete picture. In any case, D’s Plumbing does it all.

Many times, people will ask owner Frank Duarte to replace their tub for a shower for easy access to get in and out.

The professional staff can show you the many options available to accomplish this along with advising you regarding safety features that can also be installed.


Again, materials used along with certain colors vary in pricing. Knowing your budget will determine your choices and the staff is here to help clarify all of your questions.

A new kitchen

D’s Plumbing can enhance your older kitchen with the new products. That is, do away with particle line cabinets and give your kitchen a different look with all wood cabinets in selective colors with self-closing drawers, making working in a kitchen a pleasure. Kitchen countertops and under mount sinks with unique faucets will also create that special look you always wanted.

Redo your pipes

In some cases, it could be your old drainage piping and in a lot of cases, it will be the old galvanized pipes that need replacing. Experience in this field could be a very important factor. With D’s Plumbing at the helm, the staff will outline options for you. In this operation the company will replace your old valves with all new quarter turn valves and supplies.

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