When it comes to customer satisfaction and top-notch quality, Hua Xia Construction is the best of the best. The business, which has been in operation for the past nine years — according to general manager Andy Cao — takes its vision to be Hawaii’s premier engineering, construction and project management company seriously.

Hua Xia provides free estimates and free consultations for customers, and the company always walks through the entire renovation process with its clients. Customer Muriel Teruya’s positive experience with Hua Xia is a true testament of not only exemplary work ethic, but also stellar customer service.


Teruya explains that she called Hua Xia to get an estimate for a new build, and she was impressed from her fi rst meeting with Cao.

“Andy was very personable and very professional,” she remembered. “When we first met him, we really liked him and felt like we could trust him. He gave us an estimate that was reasonable, and after we met with him a few times, we decided to move forward with knocking down our hours and building a new one.”

“Andy really knows the business well,” Teruya added. “He walked us through the entire process, from designing our home to the permitting process. He knows the exact timing of what should be done and when.”



Not only was Teruya impressed by Cao’s knowledge, but also with the entire Hua Xia team. She praises the company for their timeliness and ability to work hard without compromising quality.

“When you go on the jobsite, he (Andy) is always hands-on with his crew and they’re very quick,” she stated. “He estimated that our new build would take three to four months, but they started on the drywall in the beginning of August. As of September, they were already hanging the drywall, so he’s now thinking it might be done faster. The Hua Xia team is quick, but they do a great job. Everyone is surprised by how quickly our house is coming up.”

Teruya recommends Hua Xia Construction to potential customers because of the company’s expertise and professionalism, and also because of Cao’s constant communication.


“He’s (Andy’s) very good at returning phone calls and keeping us up to date about what we can expect in the near future,” she said . “He is always available when you call him on his cell phone; he’s very easy to reach. Sometimes, we text back and forth, so trying to get in touch with him is very convenient.”

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