Whether you ran a marathon, suffer from a sleep disorder, have arthritis or had a long day at work, a soaker tub can be your best investment for relief and relaxation.

Soaker tubs are generally deeper, longer and wider than standard tubs. Bathing tubs allow the user to lie down, while in a soaker tub, the bather sits up and is immersed in water up to the neck or chin. Japan designed the first of its kind, called the Ofuro. Originating as community baths, they have come a long way and are now available to enjoy in the privacy of your own home, in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

Being immersed in water gives the body a weightless effect, reducing strain on a person’s joints and muscles. Since gravity is not an issue while soaking in a deep tub, heart rate is increased and blood pressure is lowered, providing a natural cardiovascular exercise. Besides relieving aching muscles, other benefits include, but are not limited to, increasing blood circulation, easing stress, fighting insomnia, and opening pores, releasing contaminants.

There are many features available in a soaker tub. Grab rails, seats, pillows and armrests not only provide comfort, but safety and ease of entering and exiting the tub. There are also tubs that can seat two or more people for your ultimate soaking enjoyment. Different jets, lights and even speakers can be added to personalize your soaking experience. Ever-growing in popularity, now these tubs have become more affordable, not just being found in homes of the wealthy. For more information on the benefits of hydrotherapy, visit The Bathroom Store and the company’s friendly staff will be happy to assist.

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