According to a recent Honolulu Board of Realtors report released, Oahu home prices continue to rise.

Almost half of the residents who live in Oahu have experienced the “house price crisis.” Oftentimes, Kai Ridge Construction’s clients want the staff to offer them advice on their construction plan, as well as the full utilization of their existing land. The staffers always puts themselves in their clients’ shoes, and consider all the possibilities to offer customers the best construction solutions within affordable budgets. The goal is to allow clients to own their dream house at an affordable price.


Here’s one such story about a new build:

A Kaimuki family asked Kai Ridge Construction for the best way to maximize their home’s value. After a visit to the site, the company’s staff offered the plan to subdivide their land to build two houses. The homeowners had never considered this before; however, after reviewing proposed building plans, they immediately chose Kai Ridge Construction as their general builder. They told the company that its unique building plan, excellent professionalism and affordable quotation were the main reasons for winning the bid.

Kai Ridge Construction’s experienced project manager helped this Kaimuki family start from consultation, design, drafting, drawing, permitting, construction, to the end when the key was turned over. It was the company’s mission to build the house at an affordable price, fully utilize the land potential, and provide a full line services to the client.


During the consultation process, the staff assessed the property and identified the new construction plan, the potential challenges and solutions, and presented it to the homeowners. The company worked closely with architects, designers, government agencies, and engineers to ensure the plan is feasible and fully utilize the space. Prior to construction, the staff made a detailed work progress schedule to list out the stage of the construction and corresponding deadlines. They also worked closely with the family during the construction phase to ensure that they understood the process and were satisfied with the outcome.

Kai Ridge Construction is Licensed, Bonded and Insured. The company has developed its creditability as a trustworthy and reliable builder. The staff strongly believes that every project deserves the same attention to detail and quality, regardless if it is an addition or a new build.

You deserve the best and it is Kai Ridge Construction’s responsibility to let you own your dream house. The company’s portfolio includes a luxury renovation in Waialae iki residential area, major renovations to a residential complex at the heart of Kapiolani, multiple commercial renovations in Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center and newly opened International Market Place, and many new builds in various locations on Island of Oahu.


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