QUESTION OF THE WEEK: I enjoy reading about other people’s feng shui experiences. Can you share a story?

Of course! And since it’s Halloween, I will share a “scary” feng shui consultation. In this “spooky tale,” I changed the name of the person for confidentiality purposes.

Behind unhinged doors


A few years back, Joe called and asked if I could visit his home. When I arrived, Joe told me about a string of “weird” things that were happening. One, his mother-in-law choked on some food and had to be rushed to the emergency room; two, while he was waiting for her, a client called and told Joe that he was about to commit suicide; three, after rushing his client to the emergency room, a freak accident occurred a few days later: a plank of wood from his house fell onto his neighbor’s cat, killing it instantly; and four, his wife tripped on a step in their home and broke her arm.

As I walked through Joe’s home, it was apparent what the problem was. Joe had started a project and was in the process of changing all the doors, so every door in the house was off its hinges, leaning against a wall.


What is the correlation?

Doorways are portals that are meant to have doors on them to contain the energy and control what goes in and out of each room. Energetically, when doors are taken off doorways, unwanted energy in the form of crisis and unexpected happenings tend t o come into our lives.


I asked Joe when he had taken down all the doors and he said, “I took off the last door just before dinner. Thirty minutes later I was driving my mother-in-law to the hospital. I’ve been too distracted to finish. Why?”

After explaining my understanding of what was happening, I asked him to immediately install all the new doors. Soon after my visit, he reported that life was back to normal.

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